A Break From It All

This week I had off from work for President’s Week so I decided to take a trip. I went up to the Berkshires and visited Kripalu, a yoga center. It was beautiful there. One day it was 70 degrees and sunny. I walked around, then I sat outside (in a tank top in February in the mountains) and read my book. The next day it was 30 degrees and snowing. The mountains were covered in snow. It was beautiful to see. I stayed inside all day curled up with a book reading and watching it snow.

This is not a plug for Kripalu, although I could easily turn it into one. I choose to go to Kripalu because some of my yoga teachers have trained there and others I know have been there. It was a great choice. All I wanted to do was go somewhere beautiful to spend most of the day writing and reading a book. I accomplished my mission. 

Yesterday, I had to come back. The end of any vacation leaves you feeling like you are ready to go home or you never want to go back home. In my case, I had a strong mix of both. I wanted to go home because I missed my bed (I do not sleep well in new places). But I wanted to stay because it was so beautiful and peaceful. Regardless, I knew I had to go home and return to my life. 

We can’t always get away and even if we can, we have to return. What I am trying to do is continue the feeling I felt at Kripalu. It would be easy to come back, return to my life and become sucked up into all of it. Instead, I am trying to find the same peace I felt when I was away. I am trying to continue to make time to do the things I want to do.

I hear it from people all the time, “there is not enough time in the day for me.” But there is. It is a matter of priorities and putting yourself first, even if that means being a bit selfish sometimes. There is time in the day for you but you have to be willing to make it and use it. We can all find peace in our daily lives, no matter how hectic they are. It requires us to figure out what makes us feel peace, make time for it, and then do whatever the thing is.

I am not talking about the big kind of peace you feel when you look at the ocean or the mountains, although that is nice. It is about the peace you create inside of you by living your best life and taking care of yourself. It is the kind of peace you find when you are present in everything you do. When you are present, or try to be present, in each moment you can find beauty and peace is the most mundane things as well as the most chaotic things. We don’t need a break from it all to feel peace. We just need to become more present to get clear on what we want out of our lives. 

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