As a child I believed in God, then somewhere along the way I lost my faith but I found it again. I struggled often to believe in God because it was impossible to understand why my father died. It was impossible to believe in a God who let things like that happen. To justify why I did not believe in God, I held on to this one line; God never gives you more than you can stand. For years I called bullshit, over and over again, because I felt like I was being given more than I could handle.

It was not until about a month ago when I heard the completion of the statement God never gives you more than you can stand. If God gives you more than you can stand, kneel. Things clicked into place when I heard the entirety of the statement. I walked through my hardest times without knowing the most important piece of the phrase; kneel.

We get frustrated when we feel like there is so much going on in our lives and it is impossible to handle it. People stop believing in God and people lose their faith because they think God is supposed to protect them from bad things. That is not true, God walks us through bad things. Most people have their beliefs all twisted up and they do not understand the beauty and grace of God only happens in the surrender. I know because I’ve been there.

God never gives us more than we can stand but only if we kneel. It is never too much if we surrender to the problems and give them up to God. We do not have to understand everything always. Everything does not have to make sense right now but it may make sense someday. It is not out job to figure out why things happen. Our job is to surrender now so we can understand why later. 

There is something out there that is bigger than us. There is something out there that controls the fate of the universe and at the same time helps each one of us walk our paths in life. I call that something God, you may call it something different. If you believe it exists, then the next time things seem too hard or like too much to handle, kneel. Simply surrender. Stop fighting and stop trying to fix it. Just give it over to God. Things always work out. There is always a way.

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