I Believe in the Good Things Coming

It is amazing what releasing stress can do for you. Yesterday I took the GRE and once it was over, I forgot the amazing feeling and release that comes after taking a huge test. I have spent the past two weeks, and then some, being stressed over this test and then yesterday afternoon I was done. I walked out of the test and I felt like a free woman. 

So, inevitably, I went to the beach. It was cold but I stayed long enough to do what I went to do; thank God. Some people go to church, but I go to the beach. The beach, for me, is proof that God exists. It is proof there is something bigger than us tying this whole world and universe together. It is proof and a reminder that good things are coming. 

The beach is so simple in its beauty that it melts all the stress away. I often go there with my problems and leave without them because in comparison to the expansion of the beach and water, my problems seem so small. The beach reminds me there is something bigger going on in this life than just my day-to-day stress.

With the GRE done, another door has opened. I can apply to schools now, I can visualize getting my masters. It has stopped seeming like a far off dream. I can see the good things coming. I can relax into all the amazing things coming up in my life. Before it was so hard to look past the stress to find gratitude, but now all I feel is gratitude. I am grateful for the test and I am grateful for what is coming up in my life. 

With this huge stress behind me, I am reminded that things are always alright. When we get stressed, we often struggle to see the big picture. The picture is that we are always alright, right where we are. I was struggling to comprehend the big picture but I found once I overcame the stress, I was instantly reminded everything was already alright and it was always alright. 

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