The Present Moment

Entering into the new year, I set intentions in different areas of my life. All these intentions had one overarching intention; be here now. But I turned this intention into the affirmation “I am here.”

I find it amazing what putting our attention to something does. I have focused on this overarching intention for these past two weeks of the new year and it has helped me immensely to be present. I chose the intention because I felt I was spending a lot of time being stuck in the past which seemed to inhibit me from going forward. I vowed to only focus on the past if it served my writing instead of living in the past from day-to-day.

We only have one life and what we do with it is up for us. By the end of 2017 I was tired of worrying about the future and obsessing over the past. All I wanted to do was be where I was because I knew it was exactly where I needed to be. I wanted to choose where I let my mind spend its time. I decided to choose the present moment. 

We spend so much time thinking about the past or worry about the future, we lose the value of the present moment. In this moment, the past and future lose their weight. If we focus on this moment and what is right in front of us, the past and the future do not seem  as scary. When we are present, life starts to feel more manageable because you are only tackling one thing at a time instead of everything at the same time. The present gives us room to thrive. 

This moment is the best place to be. The present is brand new in each moment and it is reassuring all the time. It is filled with hope and promise. The present moment reminds us that we are okay and we are safe, right here, right now. 

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