Let that shit go

The new year is upon us which means people are beginning to set new year’s resolutions. Setting a resolution is tricky business. I have been conflicted about what to do this year. Last year I set a few resolutions and they did not last more than two weeks into the new year. The two years before last, I did not make any resolutions but instead made predictions of what would happen in the new year. I thought about doing that this year but since the past year of my life has been one surprise after another, I have learned I have no business trying to predict the next year of my life. So, where does this leave me?

I have decided to let something go. We often make new year’s resolutions about how we can become a better version of ourselves. This usually means adding something to our lives or doing more of something. New year’s resolutions are about bettering ourselves and improving our lives. Sometimes the best way to be better and improve is not to do more but to do less, to let something go. 

Letting go can be just as complicated as any common new year’s resolution but there is all something we can let go of that no longer serves us. We all know what it is for each of us; whether it is a person, thing, or a situation. There is something you are holding onto that you no longer need in your life. There is not a process to letting go other than making the decision to do it. After your decide to let go, all you can do is come back to the reason why you needed to let that thing go, why that thing no longer served you, etc.

There is nothing wrong with new year’s resolutions that require you to do more but sometimes doing more isn’t the answer. You can do more and more to better yourself and improve your life, but how much are you really helping yourself if you are not letting go of the shit that weighs you down? There is more room to improve and change things in your life once you have made the space for those things to happen. New year’s resolutions fail often because people are setting big goals on top of their already busy and full lives. There is more room and space for change and growth when we let go of things. 

We all want to be free. We may all not walk around thinking it but I believe our desire and need to be free is part of our human nature, much like our desire and need to love. We often thinking doing more will set us free, changing this or improving that will allow us to really come into ourselves and make us happier people. But it is not true, we need to do less and we need to let things go in order to be free. So, this year when setting your new year’s resolution maybe plan to let go something instead of adding something on. 

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