Use the Junk Box

Christmas is getting closer and closer. If you are a human, you are probably fearing  the holidays in some way and your stress level is at an all time high. There are a lot of reasons people do not enjoy the holidays. One reason is Christmas is not a Hallmark or Lifetime Christmas movie. Our holidays consist of real people who have real opinions about our lives and how we are choosing to live them. 

I have come to realize something about most people’s opinions – they do not matter. I have a very small list of people whose opinions matter to me. Anyone else who shares their opinion with me about my life and my choices, I discard the information shortly after it is received. I kindly listen, disagree with them, and then dump their opinion in the junk box.

I used to take everything in. I used to listen and contemplate every opinion about my life from others. But I became so full of other people’s opinions that I completely lost touch with what I wanted and what I believed. You cannot please everyone, especially when everyone has different opinions on how you should live your life or how you do things. You simply cannot take it all in without losing yourself. So, say no when people offer their opinions, say thank you but no thank you. And if you are not that bold, take in the information, agree with them, then dump it in the junk box of opinions.

We fear and we dread the holidays because we worry about people, what they have to say, and how we do not want to deal with what they have to say. We forget or choose to ignore that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know. Most of the time people are just being themselves. Most of the time people cannot help themselves and they say how they feel even when it seems they have no right to pass judgement. You cannot stop people from being who they are but you can stop yourself from taking in their junk opinions to heart. 

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