Bring your mind back home

I believe all the yoga teachers I have encounter on my path are wise. I believe it comes from being deeply connected to knowing we are human beings on the journey of life destined to connect with the divine. The other day, my yoga teacher was talking to us about being on this journey. She said we often forget all the things we learned and we have to relearn them over again. It is not that we forget how to practice yoga, but we forget the meaning of being human. We forget there is something bigger meant for us than worry, stress and fear. We forget we are love and we do not need to search high and low for peace because it is inside of us.

We forget because the world and life is determined to knock the truth out of us again and again. But then we remember and each time we remember, we are stronger than the time before. We forget we can handle our stress from a place of love instead of fear. We forget we know how to do better than to just let worry invade and take us over. We forget it is about only doing the next right thing and we instead take on everything at once. We forget there is a code we learned to do this whole life thing without so much fear and angst. We forget to bring our mind back home to a place of stillness. 

The amazing thing about forgetting is that life gives us opportunity after opportunity to remember. We find we are struggling and fearful then we realize we are not breathing or we are trying to do too many things at once. Every time we remember we are human we are bringing our minds back home. We are brought back to the present moment, we are brought back to what is going on right in front of us.  We remember there is love and peace inside of us. We remember we can channel the things we know to help us navigate through life.

The journey is not easy because life is hard. Life is also beautiful. Everything we think is filled with fear has another part to it that is filled with love. We forget because we stop taking time to remember and we start to go on autopilot. All it takes is one minute to pause, breathe, and remember there is always something good in the bad. This will bring you back to the present moment, this will bring your mind back home.

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