Coffee & Complaining

I am writing without coffee which is a first for me. The only way I write is early in the morning with coffee in my hand. However, today I have to get blood work done and that means fasting. I cannot eat or drink anything until I go in another hour. I started to think how much this sucks because I really want coffee and breakfast. Then I stopped myself, was this what I was choosing to complain about? Granted in my world it feels like not being able to have coffee is something to complain about. But this is a perfect example of how we waste our energy complaining instead of doing.

I am sitting here complaining how I can’t have coffee instead of just getting up to go get my blood work done. I should be grateful I am getting blood work done to ensure I am healthy. I am grateful. I should also be grateful I get to have coffee and breakfast when I am done. I am grateful for that too. Which is great and all but why was I complaining in the first place?

Why is complaining about what we have to do our go to? I know it is my go to. It would be a lot easier if we got up in the morni acknowledged what we had to do and then did it. Instead we drag our heels all day complaining about how we don’t want to do whatever it is we have to do. If we are always complaining about what we have to do, maybe we should try find gratitude in the situations. And if we cannot find any gratitude, maybe we need to reevaluate our situations.

There are always going to be things we do not want to do but this should not be the constant state of our lives. We should not be complaining about everything we have to do. Life happens for us, not to us. So, go embrace the day. Go do whatever it is you have to do today and try to find some gratitude along the way. And for the good of the world, please do it with some coffee in your hand. 

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