Forgetting what we value

I forget things more than I feel like I should. I spent time thinking there was something wrong with me, something was wrong with my brain. But I realized there were two reasons why I was forgetting things – I was filling my brain with too much information that did not matter and the things I was forgetting I did not place value in order to remember them. 

I fill my brain up with too much stuff and a lot of it is crap. A busy brain comes from the workings of our society. We always are doing something or more than one thing at a time. We always have to be going, improving, changing the world, etc. Living life this way is stressful and when we are stressed and unaware of how to care for ourselves, we tend to make poor decisions. We spend all day being busy and then we go home and…fill in the blank. 

One major thing people fill up on, which can be a ton of crap, is social media. I am guilty of this and I try to work on it. When I go on social media, I go with the goal in mind of filling up and leaving inspired. I only check certain accounts and watch certain stories of people who I feel like help me be a better person and some people who just make me happy. 

However, when I start mindlessly scrolling I am filling myself with information I do not care about or need to know. I do not care or need to know about what most people I went to high school or college with are doing. When I take this information in, I am losing space for things I care about and things important to me.

Here is where the next part of why I forget things comes in – value. We spend so much time filling our heads with things we do not care about but we keep doing it. When we fill our minds with this stuff all the time, we forget the things we value and/or things we actually need to remember. I can remember things I do not need to but I forget the things that matter. I find often I forget the things I do not place value on. I have realized it is because I spending my time placing value on things I do not care about. 

I think the mistake people make often is placing value on the wrong things. We spend so much time on external sources and toxic situations that do not matter and we end up forgetting things about the people in our lives who we deeply care about. Maybe if we stopped filling up with information we did not need, we would find it easier to place value on the things we know matter.  We would free up the space we need to remember the things that do matter.

Some of it I cannot explain. The brain and memory are complicated subjects. What I think could be completely wrong, but then again it is what I think. I also think it all comes back to pain. We spend time being busy and filling up on the wrong things to avoid pain. We become so busy avoiding pain that we forget the things we know matter deep down. We stop placing value on things that do matter and those areas of our life start breaking down, then more pain begins. Then the cycle starts all over again. It is a vicious cycle to break. All it takes it the choice to stop and feel, then slowly the rest will begin to work itself out.

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