Shame Free, Love Filled Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have made it through my first month of eating vegan and there is a lot of shame that comes with it. There is a lot of shame whenever you do anything that is not considered the norm. I get told constantly “you can’t eat that, it must suck.” People have it all wrong. Eating vegan is not deprivation because I can eat whatever I choose to eat. I am choosing to not eat animal products. 

I strongly dislike the action of shaming someone. It is the nature of our world and our culture. We make people feel bad for being different or for going against the perceived norm. But it is a load of bullshit. Why do we try to make others feel bad about who they are or the things they choose to do? 

People shame when they do not understand. But it is not our job to understand other people’s truth. If we can understand that is great, but all we really need to do is support others in their journey of seeking and living our their truth. It is not easy to live out what you know to be truth. 

I am not sure there is an answer as to why people shame others. I am sure it is wrapped up in fear and pain because that is what everything comes back to. There is the path of fear and pain and there is the path of love and truth. I know choosing love is hard. I know choosing to accept people exactly as they are instead of shaming them is hard.  We forgot that our genuine nature as humans is love. Our jobs are to give love and receive love. Let’s try to spread as much love today as we can!

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