Life is hard

Life is hard and we have to surrender to that in order to use our pain to grow. When we surrender, we can see there is space between each moment. Things are not continuous, life is not this crazy constant pace we think it is. When our lives are constant we are always reaching for something to fill what could potentially be a moment of space. But instead of reaching, there is a choice to sit with the space. The space is always there it is just up to us whether we choose to fill it with something else or to acknowledge it for what it is.

Once we surrender to how hard life is, we can see how beautiful it is. As Glennon Doyle would say, brutiful. Life is brutal and life is beautiful. We spend most of our time focusing on the brutal thinking the world is out to get us, thinking our individual lives are the hardest, thinking this is someone else’s fault. But none of that is true, life is hard because it was designed that way. If we can accept that, we can see the beautiful as much as we see the brutal. This acceptance makes it easier to sit with the brutal because we begin to understand life is brutal but there will be something beautiful too.

Once we accept life is hard, we can be still with this notion. When we are still with this notion, we can find space. The space gives us clues about ourselves and our lives. That space gives a place for our inner voice to arise. There is something bigger within us that guides us through life that shows us we don’t have to do it alone and we never have been.

Our inner voice is always underneath but when we constantly reach for something, there is no space for it. When we allow space, the inner voice comes through and guides us on. We have to make the space for it and be still enough to find the space so the inner voice can rise. Because the inner voice will always be underneath, it is our job to let her through.

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