The other shoe will drop

There is always more to learn and it is exhausting. These past few months have been full of learning about myself and how I see the world. I keep waiting for the day where it stops, where I get to this point where I can feel accomplished and achieved, where I am done learning about myself and I realize I am as awesome as I think I am. This day is never going to happen and I know that. Because as much as I learn, I am realizing I still have no idea what I am doing.

Before you think it, I’ll say it – I am in my twenties and I have so much time to figure it out. First of all, what is it? And second of all, no because I am still going to have no idea what I am doing at 30, 40, 50, etc. If the “it” is life, life is not something to figure out which is why we never have any idea what we are doing. Life is something to be lived through. We can learn things that make life our lives easier or things that make it seem like we have it all figured it out. But I can promise is you when you think you have it all figured out, the other shoe is going to drop.

Did you know the history on that expression? In the old days, when neighbors would take off their shoes, and you could hear one shoe drop to the floor and then, of course, they had to drop the other shoe. I didn’t know this and I think it is kind of cool.

Anyways, the other shoe drop is always going to drop. When you think you have it all figured out and you’ve mastered something, life comes in and says no. Life always steps in to make you think twice. I think we spend a lot of timing waiting for the other shoe to drop, living in fear of it happening, fearing things can and will be taken away from us or things are not as good as they seem. This is what leads us to self-sabotage, because if the other shoe is always going to drop, we might as well beat it to the punch. It is better if we ruin things before life ruins them because we know it will happen.

We can live our lives like this. Or, we can accept the other shoe is going to drop. It is inevitable. Things will change, people will go, we will learn more, we will be proven wrong. This process is called life and it is completely unpredictably predictable. Things will always happen, we cannot always predict what things exactly, but we know they will. Instead of resisting that and fearing that, we can lean into it. Instead of fearing the other shoe will drop, we can get embrace it or curious about it. We can know it is coming in some form or another and maybe it will make it a little less shocking when it happens.

Life is always going to humble us. Call it karma, call it the universe, call it God, there is something out there that is always going to set us straight. I have learned a lot but there is always more to learn. I am going to keep relearning this simple truth – there is more to learn – until I lean into it and embrace it. So, I am going to do just that. There is always more to learn and every time we think we have something figured out and we understand, life swoops in and says not so fast. It is not bad, mean, or evil, it just the truth.

People live their lives thinking life is out to get them, but I believe life is out to help us. If we slowed down and listen to what seems like disruptions from life, we can see there is some truth or wisdom buried inside of it. When things happen in life that we didn’t expect, it is an invitation to look directly into the face of whatever that thing is because there is a truth there, some wisdom there, something we need there.

The other shoe is always going to drop. We know this, so let’s lean into it. Instead of fearing it or trying to beat it to the punch, just know it will come. Then when it does come, embrace it and accept the invitation for what it is. An invitation full of wisdom leading us to a truer life.

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