This is not okay

I had a good topic to write about this morning, but there was a mass shooting last night so it can take a backseat. Who knows why what happened in Las Vegas happened. It is not something that will make sense even with all the facts and information brought together.

What happened in Las Vegas is horrifying, terrifying and heartbreaking. But from what is known right now, there is something that makes sense in the middle of this mess. Watching footage from the shooting you can see people helping each other and people trying to take other people to the hospital. Why does this make sense? Yeah, I am going to say it again – because we belong to each other.

Our country is a mess. It is starting to become undeniable. We can see tragedy after tragedy happening. Whether is has been one of the many hurricanes or what happened in Charlottesville and now what happened in Las Vegas, people are coming together to help one another. The only way through this time in our country is by coming together. We are starting to understand this. The only way to rise as a country and overcome tragedy is by doing so together.

We are going to try to make sense of what happened. It will not make sense even if we can get into the head of the shooter and know what his reasoning was – so, what is the point? I know we do it because as a country we need certainty and we need to make sense of tragedy. We want to understand because if we don’t understand, it starts to really hurt. We spend so much time on focusing why it happened and why the shooter did what he did because if we simply looked at the lives lost, we would be heartbroken and terrified.

As a country, we hate pain but as a country, we are in so much collective pain. Why do horrifying things keep happening? Why do people kill other people? We keep turning away from the pain that is rooted so deep and more pain keeps manifesting. It is a vicious cycle and the only way to end it is by facing the pain. By acknowledging our flaws and weaknesses and that as a country we have some serious problems. We can only do that by turning straight towards the problems. We can only do that by coming together.  

I am not sure we can overcome all that we have been through as a country. I am not sure mass shootings will ever stop happening. I am not sure coming together will end all of our problems because people will always resist. But what other options do we have? Things keep happening whether we want to deal with it or not. Maybe, if we came together and maybe if we acknowledge things that are not okay as they happened, we would start getting somewhere as a country. Each and every one of us have a voice. Each and every one of us can say this is not okay and we can do better as a country.

My heart goes out to the people and families who lives were lost last night in Last Vegas and all those injured. We are about to see all over social media “Pray for Las Vegas.” We should pray for Las Vegas but we also need to raise our hands and say this is not okay. We are better than this as a country and we can get through this if we all come together because we belong to each other.

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