Love wins every time

I forget all the time the good things I know. I think it is because this nation and the way it functions is so contrary to all the good things. I am not sure what it will take for this country and the world to understand there is more to life than how we live now. Life is better when we face our pain, life is better when we choose love over fear, life is better when we tell the truth. Life is not easier, but it is better.

There is pain either way. The pain of facing life or the pain of running from life. You have a choice. We think running from pain is the default but that is not true. Running from pain is the culturally accepted norm. Facing the hard things in life is our default. We are meant to deal with the hard stuff and we are built to survive it. We spend so much time thinking pain will kill us but it won’t. Running from the pain will kill your soul. Facing the pain may knock you down, but the only thing to do when you get knocked down is to get back up and start again.

I think the hardest thing I’ve learned is that the truth reveals itself to each person when they are ready to hear it. We are born with this truth and every day we stray farther from it because our culture showers us with messages counter to choosing love always and facing our pain. It is only when something happens in our lives that forces us to unlearn all the messages we’ve been taught that we understand the truth. The truth that love wins, the truth that facing your pain will heal you, and all the other true good things about life and love.

This unlearning can’t be forced because it happens when it happens but it will happen. Life is hard, something will happen and it will break down all that you believe to be true about the world. We are born knowing the truth, it is just a matter of getting in touch with it again. Even after we get in touch with it, we have to constantly re-learn the truth again and again because we forget. Our job is to remember and to help others remember too. Love over fear, every time and all the times, because love wins.

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