A belief in abundance

I have learned a lot during the past few months, the process of moving home involved a lot self-exploration and self-reflection. I learned things I never knew about myself and I look at the world in a different light. Some of these lessons came from making the decision to move home and some of them came from reading and listening to people I look up to. One of my favorite lessons is about manifesting a belief in abundance and how it is connected to jealousy.

Our culture, society, and world teaches us to believe in scarcity. When someone has something we want, we feel like there is less for us. We become jealous of one another because we believe when someone has something we want that person has everything and we have nothing. We are jealous of one another because we are taught there is not enough for everyone. However, scarcity is a lie.

A belief in abundance is believing there is enough for everyone. We are taught to believe in scarcity because it is what makes our society work. If we all feel there is not enough of X, we will constantly try to have enough of it by pulling it from other people or by trying to buy X or find X elsewhere. Scarcity says there is a limited amount for everyone and it is up to us to take our piece for ourselves or take someone else’s. This is how the society works but it is not true. There is enough for everyone and everyone can manifest a belief in abundance.

Scarcity breeds jealous. But even if we practice and believe in abundance, we can still be jealous of others. Jealousy comes from seeing someone else have something we want and believing because they have something we want, there is none left for us. That is not true and that is living in scarcity. If we live in abundance, we know better than to believe or give into the feelings of jealousy because we know there is enough for everyone.

We are told time and time again that jealousy is an ugly emotion, we shouldn’t be jealous of others, jealous boyfriends and girlfriends are extremely insecure and on and on it goes. Jealousy is an ugly emotion but simply because it is so misunderstood. Before I looked at jealousy through the lenses of abundance and scarcity, I thought I was insecure, and I was. Now, I see things differently. I still don’t like to feel jealousy and sometimes I am still insecure but I know better than to assume there is something wrong with me because I feel jealous. When I feel jealous now, I look at the situation that caused me to feel jealous and I ask can I have what that other person has and if I can, how do I get it. It isn’t about taking the thing someone else has which made me jealous in the first place because that is living in scarcity. It is about recognizing what that other person has and knowing and believing in abundance which means I can have it too.

I think we are all insecure. I know we all have fears. I know we all feel jealous of one another. But I think what helps us feel more secure and less scared is looking at the root of our jealousy; what am I jealous of, can I have that for myself, and if so, how can I get it? I learned jealousy is an arrow and it is pointing us to things that we want most in life. When we look at the root of our jealousy we can learn things about ourselves and we can learn what we really want from the world. And if we look at jealously that way and through the lens of abundance, then we are giving ourselves quite a gift, the gift of truth.

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